Sign On to the Alliance’s Statement of Principles Against the Criminalization of Homelessness

In states all over the country, an organized effort is seeking to criminalize homelessness while attacking best practices like Housing First.

The Alliance and the frontline providers in these states have made a commitment to actively listening to people experiencing homelessness who will be impacted in these states. Their feedback is clear that what they want and need is housing. We also know that many of these communities don’t have nearly enough affordable housing, permanent supportive housing, or even emergency shelter for them.

Yet, the bills in question fail to address this fundamental need, leaving people with nowhere to go.

Rather than camping bans and felony charges, the Alliance believes we must speak out and rebut these convoluted proposals. We need your help. Let us know that you stand with us by endorsing this statement of principles against the criminalization of homelessness. Your support will let us know that you care about this issue as we build a national network of advocates against these bills.

Please endorse the Alliance’s statement of principles.

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