Time is running out to apply for the Transatlantic Practice Exchange!

Time is running out to apply for the Transatlantic Practice Exchange! The Exchange is an amazing opportunity for mid-level homeless service providers to visit a homeless services organization in the UK and learn about their work and best practices. Applications are due on December 18th.

We’ve already heard from Exchange Alumni why you should apply and what they want you to know about homelessness abroad. Today they are sharing what they have done differently in their work as a result of their experience. You can read more of their insights in the 2016 Exchange Report.

What have you done differently in your work since you’ve returned from the Exchange?

I’m viewing the problems and barriers in my work with people experiencing homelessness through a “system change” lens. This shift means I’m less inclined to accept the status quo and instead I’m thinking and talking about ways to initiate change. – Kendra Lutes

One thing that really impressed me about the way St. Basils operates is their ability to reframe challenges as opportunities. For example, as the government has reduced public benefits for young people, St. Basils has remained innovative and created a housing program that provides youth with real-world apprenticeships that could lead to real jobs AND allows them to live in a St. Basils housing program benefit-free. So I’ve tried to find opportunity in perceived challenges. – Tedd Peso

Shadowing Framework’s Street Outreach Team allowed me to see what is possible in my community. I now have higher expectations for how we respond to homelessness. Since coming back from the Exchange, our outreach partners have come together to continue making steps to ensure all people living outdoors in our region have access to outreach. – Erika Schmale

I have encouraged more honest communication with Landlords to encourage a more trusting relationship between support worker, young person and landlord. – James McCombe

I’ve applied for a new job and got it and I feel the understanding I gained from the Exchange helped me in that process. It has helped me think about problems from a new perspective. – Heather Yeadon