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The Most Important Thing Congress Can Do This Year

The last few weeks have been full of activity, and the midterms make for a lot of change when the new 116th Congress begins on January 3. But the 115th Congress still has work to do! They begin their final session this week, with the expectation of adjourning for good on December 13. There are […]

The Day 1 Fund: Who Will It Serve and What Will It Do?

On Sept. 13, along with many of you, we saw Jeff Bezos’s announcement on Twitter that he and his wife were making a $2 billion contribution to support homeless families and preschools in economically disadvantaged neighborhoods. With respect to homeless families, Bezos said in his tweet that his vision came from Marty Hartman, CEO of […]

Moving On From the Midterms: Four Takeaways for the New Congress

The midterms are over, bringing us back to “divided government” where neither party has full control of the House, Senate and White House. I have some actionable thoughts about how it will affect our work with Congress to end homelessness. We have to get to know lots of new members. There will be an unusually […]

Reviewing Congress’s To-Do List on Ending Homelessness

The House of Representatives has adjourned until after the November election, and the Senate will soon follow. Here are the actionable things related to homelessness that Congress got done (or is just finishing up); and the one big thing that isn’t done yet. What They Did Already: VA appropriations/SSVF cap increase — Congress passed its […]

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