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Key Takeaways from #NAEH2018

Thanks once again to everyone who came to the National Conference on Ending Homelessness, and to the many more who followed the action on Twitter or watched speeches on Facebook Live. Here are my key takeaways: People working to end homelessness are clearer than ever about what it will take. To permanently end homelessness, there […]

As Housing Affordability Takes Center Stage, Organizations Take Action on Policy

As results from the 2018 Point-in Time Counts begin to emerge, we see a scattered portrait of homelessness in the United States. While many communities are making progress, homelessness continues to rise elsewhere. Meanwhile, the housing affordability crisis looms large, as wages continue to fall far beneath housing costs. According to the National Low Income […]

How Your Community Can Apply for New ‘Mainstream’ Housing Vouchers from HUD

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) recently issued a Notice of Funding Availability (NOFA) for $100 million in new “Mainstream” housing vouchers. These new vouchers are targeted for nonelderly people with disabilities, including those who are homeless or may become homeless. You can read more about the funding from HUD and the […]

7 things to take away from Nan Roman’s speech at #NAEH16

1. We are not helpless in the face of turmoil. “The country, and indeed the world, seems to be in turmoil …So many people …feel that the trajectory for themselves and their children is leaning toward less stability, less opportunity, and less safety. This is sad, and it is negative. It drives fear and strife, […]

Housing options lead to better outcomes

At Central City Concern (CCC), individuals experiencing homelessness need choices too, including the ability to live in the kind of supported housing that is clinically indicated for their needs. Central City Concern’s Housing Choice model has helped us meet diverse challenges and service needs for an array of clients; our agency employs Recovery Housing as well as Housing First supported housing programs.

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