Category: Continuum of Care

Creating Systems and Culture Change around Rapid Re-Housing

This brief provides guidance for communities interested or currently engaged in efforts to expand rapid re-housing. It examines strategies communities who have transformed their homeless service system used to engage leadership, providers and the community. A national shift is underway […]

FY16 HUD CoC Program Scoring Criteria Summary

Download our NOFA Score Estimating tool to help visualize and think strategically about the scoring criteria for the 2016 Continuum of Care NOFA. The first section outlines the scoring criteria for the Consolidated Application. The second section illustrates the points […]

Reallocating Permanent Supportive Housing

After years of emphasis on reallocating low performing transitional housing programs, many communities are finding their Continuum of Care (CoC) portfolios are almost entirely composed of permanent housing projects. CoCs should evaluate permanent supportive housing (PSH) projects and consider reallocation […]

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