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The FY2018 NOFA: We’re Here to Help!

By now your community has delved into the FY2018 CoC Program Competition. Wherever you are in the process, we’re happy to tell you that the Alliance is here to help! As Steve Berg mentioned in his earlier blog, this year’s NOFA is all about performance. The Alliance’s FY2018 NOFA blog and webinar series will help […]

Challenge Your Limits – Don’t Let Your Limits Challenge You

This post is part of a National Alliance to End Homelessness blog series to highlight the Rapid Rehousing Learning Collaboratives in Georgia and Maryland. Read more about Learning Collaboratives in the first post in the series here.  On a Friday night in late June, Rapid-Rehousing Case Manager Latoya Inzar helped end homelessness for two families – in the same apartment building.    […]

When Communities Team Up, More People Get Housing

For the past ten years, federal policy and community practices have focused on the value of collaboration and a system-wide approach to ending homelessness. That’s why, in 2014, The National Alliance to End Homelessness introduced the concept of a Learning Collaborative. This effort brings together dozens of homeless services organizations across a state or region […]

Making the Shift from ‘Cookie-Cutter’ Rapid Re-Housing to a Program that Houses as Many People as Possible

Scott Yard is the Director of Emergency & Prevention Programs for the Human Services department of Carroll County, Maryland. In this role, Scott directs the county’s rapid re-housing program. Scott recently attended the Alliance’s Rapid Re-Housing (RRH) Learning Collaborative in Maryland where he is working with colleagues to improve the state’s RRH efforts. He reflected […]

On the Road Again: Capacity Building Team Touches Down in Georgia and Maryland to Improve Rapid Re-Housing Outcomes

The Alliance’s Capacity Building Team will be on the road in 2018 to help providers implement rapid re-housing best practices and to ramp up their efforts to end homelessness. Albany, GA: home of Ray Charles, mouth-watering grilled fish… and the kickoff for a year of Rapid Re-Housing (RRH) Learning Collaboratives. Through these collaboratives, the Alliance’s […]

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