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Smart & Strategic Collaboration: Services for EHV Recipients

Emergency Housing Vouchers (EHVs) offer an overdue opportunity to greatly reduce and even end homelessness in many communities, and pairing vouchers with services can help ensure housing stability for tenants that need greater supports. This webinar will offer important considerations […]


Being Smart and Strategic with Emergency Housing Vouchers

The new influx of Emergency Housing Vouchers (EHV) represent an unprecedented opportunity to reduce and even end homelessness in this country, especially for people who have the highest needs and are often the least likely to receive assistance. This webinar […]


An Historic Opportunity to End Homelessness

With so many new federal resources to address homelessness and housing instability, we have an opportunity to double down on our shared missions and to make the greatest decreases in homelessness any of our communities have ever achieved. This webinar […]


Homeless Policy in the Recovery Plans (Webinar)

In three relief packages to address the pandemic and economic downturn – the American Rescue Plan, American Jobs Plan, and American Families Plan – President Biden has proposed an unprecedented $6 trillion in new federal investments. These plans include billions […]


Webinar: Results from the Latest Voices From the Field Survey

Join the Alliance’s Homelessness Research Institute for a webinar focused on the results of the latest installment of the Voices from the Field Survey series. This fourth round of surveys focused on Continuums of Care, service providers, and advocates to […]


Webinar: Actionable Research on COVID-19 and Homelessness

What do we really know about the intersection between COVID-19 and homelessness? Gathering evidence has been challenging. CoCs are in emergency response mode, PIT counts have been hampered, and research studies often take time to initiate. However, limited research and […]


Webinar: Homeless Policy in the Biden Administration

What can we expect in homelessness and affordable housing policy under the Biden administration? President-Elect Joe Biden made detailed commitments on these issues when campaigning for the White House. Since his election, Biden has included homelessness and housing proposals in […]


Webinar: Conducting the 2021 PIT in the Age of COVID-19

The pandemic has been a major disrupter of homeless system operations. The 2021 Point-in-Time Count will necessarily proceed differently than it has in previous years. Towards the end of 2020, HUD released new guidance allowing for new flexibilities in counting […]

3/8 - 3/10

Ending Homelessness: A Virtual Conference

We are in a period of change brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic, the recession, heightened focus on social justice, and a new Administration and Congress. What impact do these have on homelessness and how do we meet the challenges and […]


[Webinar Series] Researching an End to Homelessness: Election Year Policy Ideas (International Perspectives)

Homelessness exists in countries around the world, and nations benefit when we share information with one another. In recent years, Finland’s the Y-Foundation and the U.K.’s Centre for Homeless Impact both solicited research-based policy ideas from a collection of international […]

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