Cancelling the 2020 Continuum of Care Notice of Funding Availability


There should NOT be a Continuum of Care (CoC) Notice of Funding Availability (NoFA) in 2020 in order to allow CoCs to focus on meeting the daunting challenge posed by the pandemic.  Efforts to include a cancellation provision in a COVID-19 relief package or the continuing resolution, which lasts until December 11, were unsuccessful.  However, there is bipartisan and bicameral support for cancelling the NoFA, and the Alliance continues to work with lawmakers to pass a cancellation provision.   

BACKGROUND: The Alliance has heard from providers across the nation–rural, suburban, and urban–that running a NoFA during these extraordinary times doesn’t make any sense.  In providing $4 billion in emergency homelessness funding with new flexibilities through the CARES Act, Congress made it clear that CoCs are expected to get the job done, rather than fritter away time cutting through red tape.  Moreover, HUD’s own staff is likely to be stretched extremely thin in providing guidance to CoCs and others in using stimulus funding wisely. 

On April 8, Nan Roman, the Alliance’s President and CEO, presented NAEH’s own letter in support of a cancellation of the 2020 CoC NoFA to Secretary Carson’s Chief of Staff, who promised to bring it up with his boss.  The consensus is that, given constraints on HUD’s resources, there is no guarantee that a 2020 NoFA would be completed in time to prevent interruptions in funding. 

And here is the Alliance’s letter:

Secy Carson re NOFA



The Alliance will work with House and Senate lawmakers to ensure that Congrerss takes timely action to cancel a 2020 CoC NoFA.

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