Eviction Crisis Act

U.S. Senate bill: S. 3030 — Eviction Crisis Act


Senate Committee on Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs


No action has been taken on this bill.


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Sen. Michael Bennet (D-CO), Sponsor


No action has been taken on the bill.   

State, local, charitable, and even some federal dollars are used to pay for various emergency assistance programs across the nation.  However, S. 3030 would establish a strong federal program to bolster those efforts as well as evaluate how different types of emergency assistance programs work in providing timely assistance to those who need it the most and have no other recourse. 

In addition to the grant program, the bill would help to fund efforts by state and local governments to use landlord-tenant courts, particularly if tenants are actually represented, and establish a database to track evictions in order to develop more informed housing policies.

Action Required: Activists are asked to urge their Senators to cosponsor S. 3030. 


This piece of legislation would establish a federal emergency assistance grant program which would provide aid to people experiencing housing insecurity in order to avert homelessness.  In his book Evicted, academic Matthew Desmond showed, repeatedly, that timely interventions in which nominal sums of money are provided on a limited or one-time basis to low income Americans who are experiencing housing insecurity might save them from falling into homelessness—which comes at a far greater cost to society and to themselves. 

The Eviction Crisis Act, introduced with bipartisan support, would, among other things, establish a dedicated federal funding stream for homelessness prevention which would be used for the provision of nominal sums of financial assistance to low-income households experiencing housing instability or in danger of eviction.


The Alliance supports this bill, as a member of the Opportunity Starts at Home campaign. 

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