Eviction Crisis Act (S. 3030)

U.S. Senate bill: S. 3030, introduced by Senator Michael Bennet (D-CO) — Eviction Crisis Act


Senate Committee on Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs


No action has been taken on S. 3030.


The Eviction Crisis Act (S. 3030) would establish a federal emergency housing assistance grant program which would provide aid to people experiencing housing insecurity in order to avert homelessness.  In his book Evicted, academic Matthew Desmond showed, repeatedly, that timely interventions in which nominal sums of money are provided on a limited or one-time basis to lower-income Americans who are experiencing housing insecurity might save them from falling into homelessness—which imposes a far great cost on society. 

Federal, state, local, and charitable dollars are used every day and in every state to fund emergency housing assistance grant programs of various sizes and with varying rules of eligibility.  Continuums of Care (CoCs) can use Emergency Solutions Grant (ESG) money for Homelessness Prevention.  However, the small sums of ESG received by CoCs are usually used instead for shelter and rapid re-housing.  The fund that would be established by the Eviction Crisis Act would be dedicated exclusively to the provision of emergency housing assistance. 

S. 3030 would also review grant programs generally and identify techniques for ensuring that the limited resources in emergency housing assistance are used to help those housing-insecure folks who need it the most and are unlikely to have any other recourse.  


The Alliance asks activists to urge their Senators to cosponsor S. 3030.  

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