Administration Proposal for Rent Reform

Proposal — Making Affordable Housing Work Act of 2018

Proposed by:

Trump Administration


Raising rents on low-income people would force them to divert resources from other basic needs and expose many to eviction and homelessness. Most of those affected would be working-poor families with children, people with disabilities, and seniors.

The Alliance opposes any proposals to raise rents on the nation’s most vulnerable people.


The Administration’s plan would significantly increase rent for all U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) rental assistance recipients. The proposal would raise minimum housing payments for households with little or no income and eliminate deductions that lower rents for households with high expenses, such as medical costs or childcare. The proposal would also allow housing agencies and owners to impose work requirements to maintain assistance.

Note: A second draft proposal from Representative Dennis Ross [R-FL-15] has been circulated in the House. This draft proposal would allow public housing authorities (PHAs) to make changes to rent structures in a number of ways, but most will significantly raise rents for tenants. While the mechanisms for this proposal are different, the detrimental impacts would still be significant.

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