Racial Equity Resources

October 27, 2020  |  Data and Graphics, Toolkits and Training Materials
People of color experience homelessness at disproportionately high rates due to historic and ongoing systemic racism.

The following tools and resources can aid your system in learning more about racial disparities in homelessness, and the structural factors that contribute to them: criminalization, poverty, redlining, mental and physical health, incarceration, and more. The resources on this page can help you in determining where these disparities come from, and how to improve equity across homeless service systems. 

The most recently available federal data shows the disparity among people of color experiencing homelessness. Take a deeper dive into how these disparities play out across the country and among different populations: 

Webinars and Trainings
Webinars on racial equity provide in-depth learning on different aspects of promoting racial equity within homelessness systems. 

Racial Equity Learning Series 

As part of the Alliance’s Center for Learning platform, the Racial Equity Learning Series can help communities achieve their racial equity goals. Register here