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Housing is on the Midterm Ballot

With less than a month to go until the 2018 elections, your TVs, computers, and phones are dominated by candidates telling you where they stand on health care, education, and jobs. It’s important to remember that not one of those issues can be fully resolved without effective solutions to our affordable housing crisis. Making Housing […]

Ending Unsheltered Rural Homelessness: Employment Is a Path!

While there are significant challenges to ending unsheltered homelessness in rural America, employment is a key solution. Recently, the Colorado Center for Law and Social Policy interviewed workforce directors, Colorado Employment First managers, and job coaches across 25 counties in rural Colorado to explore strategies for connecting people experiencing homelessness with jobs. Their responses demonstrate […]

Rapid Re-housing Works: What the Evidence Says

A new paper released by Urban Institute pulls together the evidence for rapid re-housing. Over the past several years, rapid re-housing has become the primary tool to help people experiencing homelessness reconnect to permanent housing. The model began as an approach deployed in a handful of communities to help people exit shelter. Today, it has […]

What’s the Role of Emergency Shelter in Diversion?

In the most recent installment of the Alliance’s Emergency Shelter Learning Series, we addressed one of the most important practices in emergency shelter: the role of diversion. Diversion is a strategy that helps people experiencing a housing crisis quickly identify and access safe alternatives to emergency shelter. Diversion strategies can include: engaging in creative problem […]

Reviewing Congress’s To-Do List on Ending Homelessness

The House of Representatives has adjourned until after the November election, and the Senate will soon follow. Here are the actionable things related to homelessness that Congress got done (or is just finishing up); and the one big thing that isn’t done yet. What They Did Already: VA appropriations/SSVF cap increase — Congress passed its […]

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