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Constituents like you have an important voice when Congress is considering funding and other bills that will affect homelessness.

8/3/2021 Update: Your advocacy makes a difference. Thanks to your emails, 106 Representatives signed on to the most recent “Dear Colleague” letter calling on Congressional Leaders to make substantial affordable housing infrastructure investments as part of the broader effort to repair and modernize our nation’s critical infrastructure.

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  • Congress Must Include Affordable Housing in Final Budget Negotiations

    Now is the time to reach out to your elected officials and ensure that they understand the importance of expanding rental assistance and building affordable housing!

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  • Tell Congress to Support and Increase Annual Homelessness Funding

    Reach out to your elected officials to ensure that homelessness systems have resources that they need to address issues in their communities!

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  • Urge Congress to Support Emergency Recovery Legislation

    There’s a major opportunity to fully fund homelessness solutions in communities across the country. Congress must include homelessness and housing measures in any upcoming emergency relief legislation.

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The Alliance works with public, private, and nonprofit partners to develop, analyze, and advocate for policy solutions to homelessness. Read about our policy priorities.

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You can help end homelessness.

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