Your Impact

Your gift will help end homelessness

The Alliance is an outcome-driven organization. Starting with our name and continuing with how we allocate staff time and use our resources, we focus on one thing: ending homelessness. This mission is what drives us. It is how we measure our impact.

Your Support Drives Our Progress

The Alliance has accomplished much in pursuit of its mission. We have used research, educated the media, organized conferences, and worked at the local level to articulate a clear strategy for ending homelessness. Federal programs have been reoriented around this strategy, and funding levels have improved substantially with bipartisan support. Local communities have learned from each other and as a result, have tailored strategies to make progress at the local level.

As a result, the number of American’s experiencing homelessness has gone down. Between early 2010 and early 2016:

  • Overall homelessness dropped 13 percent (from 637,000 to 550,000).
  • Individuals experiencing chronic homelessness went down by 27 percent (from 106,100 to 77,500).
  • Veterans experiencing homelessness declined from nearly 40 percent (from 65,500 in 2011 to 39,500).
  • Families with children experiencing homelessness declined from 79,400 to 65,000 (18.1 percent).

We are proud to have had a role in this progress. And your donation will help the Alliance continue this work.

We will end homelessness by continuing to:

  • Build Knowledge. The Alliance uses research and data to discover what works to end homelessness.
  • Improve Policy. We work to educate opinion leaders and policymakers about what works.
  • Create Capacity. We help communities implement solutions through training, technical assistance, and resource development.

The Alliance strives for transparency. If you have questions about the impact your donation can make please contact us or take a look at our annual filings.

Together, We Can End Homelessness

Homelessness is on the decline but there is still work to do. Please give and help support our work to end homelessness.