Application Open for the 2017 Transatlantic Practice Exchange

Homeless service providers in the US can now apply to participate in the 2017 Transatlantic Practice Exchange!

The Exchange is an exciting opportunity for mid-level homeless service providers. Participants spend up to two weeks studying and learning about a specific topic within homelessness services in the UK. Read more about the Exchange and find a link to the application here.

Why should you consider applying for the Exchange?

Who better to answer that question than the participants themselves? Here is what the most recent class of Exchange participants said:

To have the opportunity to travel to the other side of the world, to find out more about a subject that I have a vested interest in, and then to have someone offer to pay for me to do that – why wouldn’t you apply? It was, without doubt, the greatest experience of my working life. – Jonny Goldsmith

I can’t understand why anyone wouldn’t apply! Having the opportunity to spend two weeks just focusing on learning things and understanding new ways of working has really developed my understanding of what we are doing here. I think it has also been really useful in my career development. – Heather Yeadon

The Exchange is enriching on many levels and will make you better at what you do. Experiencing people and programs first-hand in a different country gives a new perspective on the work which can lead to questioning taken-for-granted ways of doing things and creative solutions to long standing problems.  Also, because working with people experiencing homelessness isn’t easy, getting out of the day-to-day mechanics of the work, and experiencing new things with the same population in a different culture and environment is invigorating which carries over when you get back to your home country and job. – Kendra Lutes

It is an incredible opportunity to see an issue that exists in the US from a new perspective. If you to learn and your love your work in ending homelessness, there is no better experience. – Erika Schmale

Read more about the exchange and apply here.