Five key strategies for advancing rapid re-housing

In our last blog from the Rapid Re-Housing Works campaign, we talked about the five key strategies for advancing rapid re-housing that were discussed at our recent Rapid Re-Housing Leadership Summit. But what are these strategies, and why do they matter?

The strategies are:

  1. Build the Evidence: Identify what is needed to build and advance knowledge of the effectiveness of rapid re-housing, improve our understanding of how best to deliver rapid re-housing and inform the development of a research agenda.
  2. Adopt Standards of Excellence and Practice: Identify the most important activities to promote the adoption of quality rapid re-housing programs, ensuring compliance with ‘standards of excellence,’ and improving our understanding of what is good practice.
  3. Make Rapid Re-Housing Part of a System: Ensure that rapid re-housing is appropriately scaled, is an integral part of a homeless service system, and is supported by all other key actors.
  4. Expand the Role of Local/State and Federal Partners: Identify the most important actions of other systems to ensure households being rapidly re-housed have the supports they require to achieve stable housing and to thrive.
  5. Acquire New Resources for Rapid Re-Housing: Increase new resources for rapid re-housing through strategic use of funding, harness mainstream systems, and ramp-up federal and state funding through advocacy.

Building a successful, system-wide rapid re-housing program requires commitment from many partners. It’s not easy, like we discussed in our last blog, but it’s necessary. These five strategies will help your community build a foundation from which to grow the intervention and serve more people!

Over the next few months, we will dive into each of the strategies with blogs and webinars focused on what we heard at the summit as well as a series of new resources.  Stay tuned for next week when we will learn more about building the evidence around rapid re-housing!

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