Have you participated in Giving Tuesday yet?

We have a day for giving thanks. We have two for getting deals. Now, we have a global day dedicated to giving back. Today, millions of Americans will kick off the giving season by supporting worthy causes as part of #GivingTuesday. Charities, families, businesses, community centers, students, and individuals will come together to give back to the community and support causes that make a difference in the lives of people across the world.

Here at the Alliance, we work every day to research and share solutions that will end homelessness for the thousands of individuals and families that are living in shelters and on the streets. Our staff works with federal partners to ensure that these solutions receive the funding and support needed from the national level to have a real impact on lives across the country. And our Capacity Building team trains local providers, the people working on the ground in your cities and towns, on how to best implement these solutions to end homelessness in your community.

And we’re seeing results! Since 2010:

  • Veteran homelessness decreased 35.6 percent;
  • Chronic homelessness decreased 21.6 percent; and
  • The number of homeless families decreased 19.2 percent.

But we still need your help to make ending homelessness a reality! Here are some ways you can get involved with the Alliance this Giving Tuesday:

  • Follow the Alliance on Facebook and Twitter and sign up for our newsletters to get up-to-date news on homelessness. Hear stories about the people whose lives we are impacting.
  • Support the Alliance and its mission to end homelessness by making a donation during the Holiday Giving Season.
  • Tell your friends about the Alliance and share with your followers why you #givetoendhomelessness. Post on social media to let others know what this gift means to you.

Give the gift that makes a difference this holiday season. Homelessness is a difficult, but solvable problem. It requires people from across government agencies, charitable organizations, and supporters from different walks of life to come together and support efforts to get homeless individuals and families off the streets and into homes of their own. Thanks to your support, we know that one day we WILL end homelessness.