Community-level Responses of Homelessness Assistance Programs to COVID-19: Data from May 2020

A new survey, conducted by the Alliance in May 2020, demonstrates the continual challenges and gaps in resources Continuums of Care (CoCs) face while serving people experiencing homelessness during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

The survey, targeted to CoC leadership, inquires how communities are able to screen people experiencing homelessness, track data, place people in housing, attain and use personal protective equipment, and navigate staffing issues as a result of the pandemic. Its results also emphasize the connection between housing and health care, and innovative strategies being implemented to swiftly move people experiencing homelessness into housing. 

Brief: 7 Things the Alliance’s Community Survey Revealed About Homeless Funding and COVID-19

Analysis of the Alliance’s survey shows key areas in which homeless service providers need the most funding support. 


Click each infographic to download takeaways on funding for major cities, rural settings, and ESG funding needs overall. 

Rural Settings Major Cities ESG Funding