2017 Transatlantic Practice Exchange Report

September 19, 2017  |  Publications

The Transatlantic Practice Exchange 2017 reports bring together learning and reflections from professionals in US and UK homelessness services, who spent up to two weeks hosted by providers in each other’s countries. The UK group covered Housing First for Women, Employment, Strengths Based Practice and Critical Time Intervention. The US group explored Employment; Youth Homelessness; Engaging the Private Rental Sector; LGBT and Support for Youth; and Systems Change for Chronic Homelessness.

The Exchange plays an invaluable role for participants, hosts, and their communities in the effort to end homelessness in the US. We extend our gratitude to the Oak Foundation and our partners at Homeless Link for making it possible for the Exchange to inform broader improvement in homelessness systems and practices. Thank you also to the generous hosts who opened their doors so this great work could happen. Finally, we extend a special congratulations to the US and UK participants whose passion for their work and dedication to improving efforts across the board are reflected in this report.