Important Opportunities for CoCs, GPD Programs, and VA Partners in the 2017 GPD NOFA

February 15, 2017  |  Videos

For the first time, the Department of Veterans Affairs GPD Program released a Notice of Funding Availability (NOFA), due April 4. The NOFA requires that all GPD providers re-apply for funding, allows for GPD programs to substantially re-design their programs, as well as provides unprecedented opportunities for better integration between GPD Programs and CoCs.

This webinar presents an overview of the GPD NOFA, which reflects the transformation of the GPD Program to better reflect the needs and resources of communities working towards an effective end towards veteran homelessness. The NOFA re-focuses GPD programs and resources to better serve the homeless Veteran population, including a call to lower barriers and use a combination of housing and service models, such as bridge housing, to better serve the needs of veterans in the community.