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Transitional Housing Conversion: A Building Owner’s Toolkit

Many communities around the country are repurposing or reallocating their transitional housing projects to create new rapid re-housing subsidies and permanent housing units.

Our new Transitional Housing Conversion: A Building Owner’s Toolkit offers transitional housing building owners a step-by-step guide to addressing funding and use restrictions.

A Governor’s Guide to the Criminal Justice System

The National Governers Association released this guide which gives governors and their criminal justice policy advisors the critical information they need to implement effective policies and programs in areas such as institutional corrections, parole and probation and juvenile justice.

Incorporating DV Providers into Coordinated Assessment

This document is a checklist that Continuums of Care can use to use to ensure they are considering and incorporating the needs of households fleeing domestic violence and other forms of assault and harassment into their coordinated assessment processes. In addition to addressing the individual items in this list, systems should ensure they include domestic violence providers in the discussion of how the assessment system is structured from the beginning.

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