It Takes Resilience and Resolve to End Homelessness — And We’re Thankful You Have It

As Thanksgiving and the holiday season approach, we at the National Alliance to End Homelessness are reminded that we have much to be grateful for, and that we are never alone in this fight to end homelessness for all people.

Thank you for being a partner, friend, and supporter in this mission.

In the past year, we have seen more and more encouraging signs in the work to end homelessness — signs that demonstrate that communities across the country are motivated and making great progress in that effort.

Congress continues to recognize effective programs to end homelessness, with increased funding for Rapid Re-Housing and Permanent Supportive Housing, as well as increases for other important programs like Supportive Services for Veteran Families.

Providers are using research and data to identify emerging trends in homelessness, recognize the impact of racial disparities in their work, and better serve all populations experiencing homelessness.

Communities are using technical assistance and learning tools to make their systems become efficient, effective, and housing-focused.

The work to end homelessness is certainly far from over. More than 500,000 people remain vulnerable without a place to call home; the affordable housing crisis make it harder and harder for people to afford rent; discriminatory practices and systems continue to raise barriers to housing for people of color.

But in the face of many obstacles, we are thankful for the resilience and resolve of our friends and partners — especially those with lived experience of homelessness, who continue to help lead our work each day. Whether you are a provider, a system leader, an advocate, a donor, or anyone else working to end homelessness — thank you for standing alongside us in this important work.