This Work Takes Commitment — And We’re Grateful for Yours

There have been a lot of things competing for your attention lately. In this busy holiday season, we are grateful for your lasting partnerships in communities near and far, and our collective spirit and dedication to ending homelessness together. Particularly around the holidays, we are reminded of the importance of communityand fighting to make sure that each person experiencing homelessness has a warm place to sleep at night.  

This Thanksgiving, we at the Alliance are grateful that we aren’t alone in this fight: we couldn’t do it without every one of you.  

We’ve accomplished a lot this year because of your commitment to this mission. Homelessness has come into the public consciousness more than ever, and as a result, more attention and care has been dedicated to finding solutions.  

An increased recognition of the dire health consequences of living unsheltered has driven the healthcare sector to intervene on behalf of their unhoused neighbors. This is building cross-sector collaborations that will make it possible to connect more people with the housing and services that they need. Your support and advocacy have helped to make this progress possible, and we are so grateful 

A major focus on racial equity is inspiring advocates, providers, and systems leaders to re-evaluate their work, so that people experiencing homelessness have a fair opportunity to get into housing, regardless of their race or ethnicity 

Communities nationwide are working to prevent and divert people from homelessness. By making systems more efficient and housing-focused, they can better ensure that their neighbors’ experiences of homelessness are rare, brief, and non-recurring.  

Though there’s been progress the past year, communities are still in constant need for the resources to help them end homelessness. Your continued support is essential to ensuring that these resources can continue to strengthen and increase.  

We are so thankful for our friends and partners who are committed to this work. Thank you for joining in our mission to end homelessness; we’re grateful for the partnership of providers, advocates, donors, and movement leaders across the country.