Community Strategic Team

The National Alliance to End Homelessness is searching for five (5) individuals with lived experience of homelessness to participate in the newly established Community Strategic Team (CST), part of the Alliance’s Lived Experience Partnership Program.

CST members will partner with the Alliance in its engagement with other lived experience groups across the country who are doing work within their own communities on preventing and ending homelessness.


Due to the nature of the work required as part of the Community Strategic Team, the Alliance will be looking for lived experience individuals who:

  • are actively doing work with an existing group in their own communities;
  • have skills to support the success of other lived experience groups;
  • understand how to support their foundational work, strategies, and expansion within the lived experience leadership space;
  • have worked within an equity, inclusion, diversity, and belonging framework; and
  • are dedicated to designing creative and innovative solutions to end homelessness.

Lived Experience Partnership Program Purpose:

The National Alliance to End Homelessness’ Lived Experience Partnership Program will support lived experience community work around the nation by developing, designing, and deploying a plan to partner with people with lived experience. The Alliance and the lived experience community will work together to create a shared vision toward a collective movement that prevents and ends homelessness across the country.

With a national platform and wide reach, the Alliance will serve as the lived experience national partner, working with other communities within their infrastructure, strategics, and expansion work. The Alliance will help to guide teams who are doing work within program planning, system intervention, service navigation, and advocacy while taking community action.

The purpose of this program is for the Alliance to thoughtfully create meaningful partnerships with lived experience communities by incorporating equity and belonging perspectives as the core component of the work to ensure all voices are amplified. By building a network of collaborators to support the Alliance’s lived experience partners, this program will ensure all lived experience voices have a space and place to be heard. The Alliance will help ensure partners’ work is forward-facing, and more importantly, aligned with the needs of their respective communities.

Together, we envision a world where our lived experience communities can dream big and be purpose-driven to do incredible work, and most importantly, change the narrative so we can reach the goal of preventing and ending homelessness across the country.

Benefits and Expectations of Community Strategic Team Members:

  • Complimentary registration and hotel & travel accommodations to the Alliance’s two (2) annual conferences
  • Participation in the Alliance’s Partnership Development Program
  • Internal Alliance Team Collaboration
  • D.C. Kickoff and Onboarding
  • 24-Month Assignment
  • Ongoing Support from Alliance Staff

To apply, please complete the application below. Note that you must be currently homeless or have lived experience of homelessness to qualify.

Applications are now full.