Permanent Supportive Housing

Permanent supportive housing is a proven solution to homelessness for the most vulnerable chronically homeless people.  It pairs housing with case management and supportive services.

What Is Permanent Supportive Housing?

Permanent supportive housing is an intervention that combines affordable housing assistance with voluntary support services to address the needs of chronically homeless people. The services are designed to build independent living and tenancy skills and connect people with community-based health care, treatment and employment services.

In addition to ending a person’s homelessness and increasing their housing stability, permanent supportive housing has been shown to improve health and well-being.

How Permanent Supportive Housing Can End Chronic Homelessness

Investments in permanent supportive housing have decreased chronic homelessness by 30 percent since 2007. In addition to ending homelessness for chronically homeless people, research has demonstrated that permanent supportive housing can also increase their housing stability and improve their health.

A cost effective solution, permanent supportive housing has been shown to lower public costs associated with the use of crisis services such as shelters, hospitals, jails and prisons.