Guidance on Registering Clients to Vote and Get Out the Vote (GOTV) Efforts for Homeless Providers

September 22, 2020

As voter registration deadlines across the country rapidly approach, there is still time to make sure that every member of our communities has a chance to voice their concerns about the issues and policies that impact their lives by voting. Providers play a crucial role in ensuring that people experiencing homelessness are able to exercise their right to vote.

Join the National Alliance to End Homelessness, Alliance for Justice’s Bolder Advocacy Program and the Fair Elections Center to discover ways to quickly and effectively ramp up voter registration efforts, understand how to legally and appropriately engage in this work, and learn how to address common issues that clients may face while trying to register to vote.  


  • Quyen Tu, Southern California Counsel, Alliance for Justice  
  • Michelle Kanter Cohen, Senior Counsel, Fair Elections Center  
  • David Dirks, Esq., CMP, National Alliance to End Homelessness


3:00 pm, September 22, 2020

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