General Volunteer Duties for Alliance Conferences

Updated September 2023.
For reference only. Duties are subject to change depending on conference needs. Please email with any questions or concerns regarding physical requirements.

Volunteer Duties and Physical Requirements

Bag Stuffing

Occurs the day before the first official day of the conference.

  • 1200-2200 conference bags (provided to all attendees) must be “stuffed” with one of each item provided (e.g., sponsor promotional items, etc.). About 10 volunteers will work in an assembly line format to complete this task in a few hours.
  • Physical Requirements: Very physically active, fast-paced job, best done standing. Ability to lift boxes is a plus, but not required.
T-shirt Rolling

Occurs the day before the first official day of the conference.

  • New Alliance T-shirts must folded, rolled, and labeled clearly for sale.
  • Physical Requirements: Ability to visually differentiate between colors and read small print. Fast-paced job, but can be done in a seated position. Ability to lift boxes is a plus, but not required.
Registration/Badge Pick-up

If the Alliance requires COVID-19 vaccinations for the event, proper clearance procedures will be added to registration duties.

  • Volunteers will hand out name badges and conference bags to conference attendees. Envelopes containing name badges will be alphabetized in bins by last name.
  • Physical Requirements: Ability to easily scan and read names and hand envelopes to attendees. Can be done fully from a seated position.
Center for Learning (CFL) Table
  • Volunteers will assist the Alliance’s Online Learning Manager to sit and answer questions for attendees who are interested in learning more about the Alliance’s online courses. Assist in running the CFL Knowledge Check game on a laptop and monitor. An FAQ guide will be provided.
  • Physical Requirements: Ability to use and navigate mobile devices comfortably. Can be done primarily from a seated position, with occasional mobility to assist attendees with the game when needed.
Merchandise (Merch) Table
  • Volunteers will assist in selling Alliance T-shirts and keychains. Volunteers will not be handling sale of merchandise/exchange of money; an Alliance Staff member will be available to complete sales.
  • Physical Requirements: Ability to visually differentiate between colors. Ability to bend, reach, and grab t-shirts from bins on a table.
Plenary Guide
  • The majority of conference participants attend plenaries (general/keynote sessions), so volunteers must assist in the flow of traffic. This includes:
    • Directing traffic: White-board signs will be provided to help direct guests.
    • Managing Doors: Stop guests from entering the main ballroom before doors open for the plenaries. Alliance staff will give you specific guidance.
    • Guiding Guests: Once doors open, assist moving conference attendees into the main ballroom in a timely manner for plenary sessions by asking people to please take their seats and assisting anyone who may need assistance finding a seat.
  • Physical Requirements: Ability to hold a small sign with one hand. Ability to point attendees in the right direction. Can be done in a seated position if needed.
Workshop/Session Room Setup & Liaison
  • This task requires checking in at the registration area 15 minutes prior to a workshop to gather necessary materials and staying in the workshop room for the entirety of the session. Tasks include:
    • Pick up & Deliver Workshop Packet: Prior to your shift, pick up the appropriate workshop packet located at the registration area.
    • Room Set-Up
      • Change Workshop Sign: Assist in replacing workshop signs outside of each workshop room. All signs for the day should be stacked behind each other.
      • Clean head table/Setup new name tent cards: Clear and discard any leftover tent cards, timecards, bio sheets, used water bottles, or other debris from the head table. Take the tent cards from the new workshop packet and put them out.
      • Presentations: On the laptop, locate the title slide for the next session and set it to project.
      • Encourage Previous Speakers to Vacate: If the speakers from the previous session are still answering questions in the room, kindly encourage them to relocate to the hallway.
    • Introduce Yourself/First Response: As the new speakers arrive, introduce yourself and hand them the workshop packet. Let them know that you are the volunteer liaison for that workshop. Sit at the front of the room so you can quickly respond to needs that arise in the workshop such as:
      • Room temperature changes (text the volunteer phone)
      • A/V assistance (there will be an A/V tech floater on each floor)
    • Keep Time: The timecards are labeled “3 minutes,” “1 minute,” and “0 minutes,” for you to hold up for the speakers and moderators when there is that much time left in the session.
    • Physical Requirements: Ability to step up on platform where panelists are seated. Ability to reach 4-5 feet high to change workshop signs. Ability to communicate with speakers and moderators.