Upcoming Events


An Historic Opportunity to End Homelessness

With so many new federal resources to address homelessness and housing instability, we have an opportunity to double down on our shared missions and to make the greatest decreases in homelessness any of our communities have ever achieved. This webinar […]


Being Smart and Strategic with Emergency Housing Vouchers

The new influx of Emergency Housing Vouchers (EHV) represent an unprecedented opportunity to reduce and even end homelessness in this country, especially for people who have the highest needs and are often the least likely to receive assistance. This webinar […]


Webinar: Maximizing Homelessness Resources with Progressive Engagement

This webinar will provide an overview of the progressive engagement approach. Progressive engagement allows communities and programs to use homelessness resources as efficiently and effectively as possible. It ensures households who can get by with lighter-touch interventions receive them so […]

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