Every One Votes

Every One Votes is an initiative to ensure that people who are experiencing homelessness are registered to vote and able to exercise their right to vote. Providers can access resources and tools that provide guidance and strategies to support clients and consumers to register to vote, and to encourage voter turnout. 

Updated February 13, 2024.

Why Should Providers Get Involved? 

This is Important Work

  • Voting is a racial justice issue: Registering and educating people experiencing homelessness about voting and the voting process is a way to reduce this racial disparity. 
  • A vote is a vote: people experiencing homelessness’ voices matter as equally as everyone else’s at the polls.
  • Providers can engage in voter registration and get out the vote efforts, but this must be done in a non-partisan way and you must assist everyone equally.

The Three Steps to Supporting Clients’ Right to Vote


Three Steps to Supporting Your Clients’ Right to Vote


Step 1: Develop a Plan 

  • Appoint a point person or team to learn your state’s requirements and distribute info to clients
  • Contact your local or state election office to:
    • Learn the eligibility rules, address requirements, and identification requirements for your state
    • Determine the process for online and paper form registration
    • Learn the registration deadlines and get started ASAP
  • Partner with local organizations that provide voter registration
Developing a Plan with Staff and Volunteers Four Tips for Reducing Your Staff’s Workload

Watch the explainer video: Four Tips for Reducing Your Staff’s Workload

Official Election Directory and State Voting Requirements

Step 2: Voter Registration 

Register Your Client to Vote

  • Engage with your clients about voting, and familiarize yourself with common registration scenarios:
    • Client wants to vote, but is unsure of their registration status
    • Client is registered but needs to change their information
    • Client is registered but has moved permanently to another state
  • Assist your client with their registration using online or paper forms
  • Contact the local election office regarding any questions related to address requirements
  • Help your client attain the proper identification

Gathering the Information Your Clients Will Need

Do’s and Don’ts of Registering Your Client to Vote

Click below to help your client register or check their registration status: 

Assist Your Client with Online Registration

Check Your Clients’ Registration Status

Step 3: Vote

Get Out the Vote

  • Engage with your clients early and often, and explore early voting options
  • Know the facts on mail-in voting
  • Share all relevant info for in-person voting, including:
    • Voter rights
    • Provisional ballot options
    • Precinct locations
    • Transportation needs
    • ADA regulations for clients with disabilities
    • Potential ID requirements
    • Social distancing and mask regulations.
    • Election protection hotlines (866-Our-Vote)
Encouraging Your Clients to Vote Two Ways to Educate Clients on Candidates and Issues


Webinar: Guidance on Registering Clients to Vote and Get Out the Vote (GOTV) Efforts for Homeless Providers

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Legal Disclaimer 

The information on our website provides helpful information and guidance regarding voting in the United States, but the information and guidance should not be construed as providing specific legal advice about your right to vote. You should consult with legal counsel and/or local and state election office about specific activities or questions.