Conducting the 2021 PIT in the Age of COVID-19 (Webinar)

January 7, 2021  |  Videos

The pandemic has been a major disrupter of homeless system operations. The 2021 Point-in-Time Count will necessarily proceed differently than it has in previous years. Towards the end of 2020, HUD released new guidance allowing for new flexibilities in counting unsheltered people. For example, they made allowances for observation-only counts, sampling, abbreviated surveys, and longer timeframes for the process.

A new publication, Conducting an Unsheltered Point-in-Time Count During the COVID-19 Pandemic, supplements available information. Authors Dan Treglia and Rebecca Brown walk Continuums of Care (CoCs) through the process of considering health concerns, the sampling process, and other details.


  • Dan Treglia, PhD, MPP, University of Pennsylvania
  • Rebecca Brown, MD, MPH, University of Pennsylvania
  • Joy Moses, National Alliance to End Homelessness (Moderator)