Rapid Re-Housing Landlord Benefits Checklist

December 18, 2016  |  Toolkits and Training Materials

This checklist is a tool to advertise your program to potential landlords. The benefits listed are just examples of services provided by housing search agencies based on interviews with providers around the country. Be sure to modify the list so that it represents your program accurately.

User Tips: As part of your marketing materials, it is important that the piece looks professional and catches people’s attention. You may want to customize the checklist by including your organization’s name and logo. Similarly, you could use graphics, photos (e.g., a photo of one of your program participants talking to one of your participating landlords), and/or colored paper to give it more of a polished look. This checklist could be mailed out to landlords in your community along with other program materials (e.g., a program brochure, newsletter, or annual report). Or, program staff can use it as a “leave behind” piece when they meet with prospective landlords. Finally, send copies over to your local landlord or apartment association to distribute at their next meeting. Even better, see if you can do a short presentation at their next meeting.