The Alliance’s Racial Equity Network Action Steps

February 3, 2020  |  Publications, Toolkits and Training Materials

The Alliance’s Racial Equity Network (REN) has developed action steps that communities may find useful if they find racial or ethnic disparities in their homelessness system. These action steps follow the release of the REN’s Racial Equity Toolkit to help Continuums of Care (CoCs) discover any disparities by analyzing their systems’ data in four key areas: who enters the system, who gets crisis response housing (e.g., shelter and transitional housing), who gets permanent housing, and who returns to homelessness. 

These action steps include short- and longer-term strategies to address disparities that CoCs have identified using their HMIS or other data.  There are steps for each of the four key areas.  The action steps are not exhaustive, but provide some ideas for how to begin plans on improving equity in your system.