Category: Coordinated Assessment

Rapid Re-Housing: An Introduction

This course (through the Alliance’s Center for Learning) provides an overview of the basic skills needed to house clients through Rapid Re-Housing (RRH) programs. Low enrollment fee; discounts available.

Next Generation Assessment Tools Series

The Vulnerability Index-Service Prioritization Decision Assistance Tool (VI-SPDAT) has long been a key tool in communities’ assessments of how to prioritize service delivery for people experiencing homelessness. Communities are shifting towards other tools, as the VI-SPDAT is now being phased […]

Building a Plan: How the CARES Act Can Boost Prevention Efforts

Communities all over the country are anxiously awaiting federal resources from the CARES Act to begin flowing. As the Alliance has addressed in previous blog posts , these funds are desperately needed for those working to end homelessness. While they may be short […]

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