Category: Rapid Re-Housing

Infographic: What is Rapid Re-Housing?

Rapid re-housing (RRH) quickly ends people’s homelessness by helping them find and move into a home in their community. Once back in housing, people are in a better position to address other challenges that may have led to their homelessness — such as finding a new job or attending to health issues.

There Are Only Enough Permanent Housing Placements for About One-Third of Families That Experience Homelessness Annually

Each year, approximately 45,000 rapid re-housing placements are available to assist homeless families into rental housing and to connect them with services. For families with higher needs, approximately 7,500 units of permanent supportive housing are also available each year. These are vital resources but are no match for the 150,000 families who become […]

Rapid Re-housing Works: What the Evidence Says

A new paper released by Urban Institute pulls together the evidence for rapid re-housing. Over the past several years, rapid re-housing has become the primary tool to help people experiencing homelessness reconnect to permanent housing. The model began as an […]

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