People Experiencing Homelessness Have a Right to Vote: The Time to Register Is Now

Communities across the country are ramping up their efforts to ensure that people are registered to vote for the upcoming election. It is critical to ensure that people experiencing homelessness are registered to vote, and are able to exercise this right. Through the Every One Votes initiative, the Alliance has created resources and tools where providers can quickly ramp up their efforts to support clients and consumers to register to vote, and to encourage voter turnout.

Why Do This Work?

This work is extremely important for many reasons: voting is a racial justice issue, and due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the voting process is now even more complicated for some. Additionally, the deadline to register to vote in some states is the first week of October, with only a few states allowing for people to register after that deadline has passed. Your efforts should be begin now to ensure that everyone is registered by these deadlines, and able to successfully cast a ballot.

Things You Can Do Now

Because of the impending deadlines to register, there are a few quick actions you can take now to ensure your clients meet the deadline.

  1. Take the Every One Votes pledge and commit to ensuring that people who are homeless can vote.
  2. Research and contact your local election office to learn the rules and regulations for registering your clients, and to determine if your local election office can send someone to aid in registering your clients.
  3. Partner with local organizations that provide voter registration.

More information on registering your clients and preparing your organization to do this work you can access the Alliance’s Every One Votes Toolkit.