Past Events


Congressional Action on Affordable Housing

In mid-September, the House Financial Services will vote on hundreds of billions in affordable housing funding. This legislation is on track to become law as part of the reconciliation bill. Hear from a panel of experts about this legislation and […]


Emergency Rental Assistance (ERA) and Homelessness Diversion

While not targeted specifically to the homelessness system, many pandemic-related federal funding resources can help improve a community’s response to homelessness. Particularly, the Emergency Rental Assistance (ERA) program can be a powerful potential resource for homelessness diversion. This webinar will […]


Smart & Strategic Collaboration: Services for EHV Recipients

Emergency Housing Vouchers (EHVs) offer an overdue opportunity to greatly reduce and even end homelessness in many communities, and pairing vouchers with services can help ensure housing stability for tenants that need greater supports. This webinar will offer important considerations […]

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