2018 Point-in-Time Counts

May 22, 2018  |  Publications

Each year, communities in every state complete an annual “Point-in-Time” count of people experiencing homelessness. The most recent Point-in-Time count was conducted in January 2018 and the complete data will be released in a national report later this year.

Before the national report, many communities publish results from their local counts. These local reports can give policymakers, researchers, service providers, and others working to end homelessness, a sense of where progress is being made and where additional resources are urgently needed. The Alliance will be collecting these local reports and publishing them on the map below on an ongoing basis. Updated July 12, 2018

2018 Point-in-Time Results

Reported a lower number of people experiencing homelessness than in 2017
Reported a higher number of people experiencing homelessness than in 2017

Has your community’s 2018 Point-in-Time count data been published but isn’t included on the map? Email us at research@naeh.org.

How Do the Latest Numbers Compare?


This counter provides a rolling estimate of changes in the population experiencing homelessness. It compares 2018 estimates to 2017 for communities that have publicly reported so far. Currently, 27% of communities have reported.