Advancing Racial Equity: Community Highlights

October 21, 2021  |  Publications
To reduce racial disparities among people experiencing homelessness, communities across the nation are evaluating their systems to create equitable change — change that is long overdue.

This page showcases a series of articles written by Continuum of Care (CoC) and nonprofit leaders that are driving conversations around racial equity within their communities. 

Community Highlights

North Carolina Balance of State CoC

North Carolina’s Racial Equity Dialogue Series offered virtual facilitated panel conversations that centered four topics: Police Violence and Community Response, Systemic Racism in the Homelessness Services System, Racism in the Criminal Justice and Re-Entry Systems, and Racism and Voting.

Oakland-Berkeley-Alameda County, California CoC

Following a series of reports that included a Racial Equity Impact Analysis and homeless system modeling effort, this California CoC created an adaptable toolkit to help others design solutions to the housing barriers that disproportionately impact people of color experiencing homelessness.

Greater New Orleans CoC

Racial equity and justice has been a cornerstone in New Orleans’ CoC for quite some time. Their approach — creating a Racial Equity Task Force, having a planning process in place, training, and implementation — lays the foundation for how their systems can carry out services in an equitable way

St. Joseph Center, Los Angeles, California

One of St. Joseph Center’s approaches to evaluating and reducing racial disparities has been to look from within, ensuring that the leadership and staff of their organization represents those of the community they serve.

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