How to Advocate to Your Lawmaker, Part 4

November 8, 2022  |  
Welcome! This is the 4th and final part of the Alliance’s free course How to Advocate to Your Lawmaker. If you haven’t already worked through parts 1-3, we encourage you to start from the beginning.

4.1 What Do I Do After the Meeting?

Goal: Follow Up After The Meeting.

Check this out:


Put It Into Practice

Fortunately, you can get started with this piece now. Create a list of follow-up steps you’d like to take after the meeting.

Examples might include:

  • Sending your lawmaker some data or research that supports your position
  • Tagging your lawmaker on social media posts related to the issue
  • Inviting the lawmaker to visit your group or organization locally

4.2 How do I stay involved?

Goal: Integrate advocacy into your ongoing work

You aren’t likely to get what you want from a lawmaker if you only interact with them once. Advocacy is most effective when it’s ongoing.


Put It Into Practice

Review this Yearlong Advocacy Calendar Worksheet. Use it to make a draft list of the ongoing practices you’d like to engage in, so that the issues you care about are staying on your lawmaker’s radar.

4.3 Tell Us What You Thought!

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