Rapid Re-Housing Toolkit

March 22, 2022  |  Toolkits and Training Materials

This toolkit is intended to help current and potential Rapid Re-Housing (RRH) providers design, redesign, and operate effective programs that successfully use the core components of RRH to end homelessness for individuals and families.

It provides details on recommended RRH program design and practice, based on what is currently considered recommended practice by the National Alliance to End Homelessness and high-performing RRH programs. As RRH practice continues to evolve, this toolkit will be updated.

Thumbnails of Toolkit Cover and Chapter pages covering 3 main sections: Housing Identification, Rent and Move-in Assistance, and Case Management and Services.

Updated March, 2022

Providers can use this toolkit to design any new RRH program or to improve their current RRH practice, no matter how it is funded. This toolkit provides clear guidelines on the goals, program policies, and staff activities of an effective program, and can be used to train new staff and improve the practice of current staff.

Funders, State Leaders, and Coalitions can use the toolkit to design new RRH programs, standardize practice across programs, and increase the effective implementation of existing RRH. This toolkit can be used in conjunction with the Rapid Re-Housing Performance Benchmarks and Program Standards to develop Requests for Proposals (RFPs) for a variety of funding streams and contracts for RRH program activities. It also can be used to evaluate applications for new RRH programs, determine which organizations are best suited to provide RRH, and review current program performance.

Continuums of Care can use this toolkit to develop new RRH programs, standardize and systematize best practices across programs, and when monitoring and evaluating existing RRH practice.

This toolkit is a companion to the Rapid Re-Housing Performance Benchmarks and Program Standards and the Performance Evaluation and Improvement Toolkit.

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