What the Homeless Services Workforce Needs to End Homelessness

The homeless services workforce, which includes any employee focused on providing direct services to people experiencing homelessness or working towards the goal of addressing and ending homelessness, is facing record levels of burnout and turnover. Street outreach workers, shelter staff, caseworkers, Continuum of Care agency staff, and many others need more support and resources in order to end homelessness.


The Alliance is elevating and working to address challenges facing the homeless services workforce. Factors such as limited pay, disproportionate staff-to-client ratios, and other stressors are impacting employees from across the country. As a result, many agencies and organizations are experiencing high turnover and understaffing, which frustrates goals to provide the best possible services to clients and end homelessness. Future research, policy solutions, and resources will be added to this page as that work develops.