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Want to Know Who Will Become Homeless? Ask a Doctor.

A pair of recent studies found that people are more likely to seek emergency healthcare services just prior to becoming homeless.  Such findings invite service providers to reexamine their approaches to homelessness prevention and diversion. Homelessness and Medical Treatment Focusing […]

Introducing the State of Homelessness 2019

The Alliance is excited to release the State of Homelessness 2019. This web-based annual report uses data to chart the nation’s progress towards ending homelessness. The information further informs policymaking as well as national discussions focused on improving awareness and solutions.   As we move into a new year of the State of […]

Ending Veteran Homelessness on the Mississippi Gulf Coast

In 2014, veteran homelessness in Mississippi’s Gulfport/Gulf Coast Regional Continuum of Care (CoC) seemed intractable. Affording the basics in the CoC’s six counties (Harrison, Hancock, Jackson, George, Stone, and Pearl River) continues to be a challenge for many. According to […]

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