Speaker & Moderator Instructions

Speaker Registration & Details Form

  • After Alliance staff has confirmed your participation in the conference, the Meetings & Events team will send you a link to complete your complimentary speaker registration. All speakers must complete this step unless already registered. If you have already paid and registered for the conference, you will receive a refund after the event.
  • Once your registration is complete, you will receive an email from the Whova mobile app to complete your speaker details form. This is where you will submit your bio, headshot, and additional details. Please add @whova.io and @whova.com as safe senders in your email. Bookmark that link. It is convenient to access online and you can updated the form as many times as needed.


Final presentations (in 16:9 PPT format) must be emailed to the Alliance staff member coordinating your session no later than Monday, June 10, 2024. Speakers selected via the Call for Presentations should email their presentations to conference@naeh.org.

If you would like to use the Alliance’s PowerPoint Template for your presentation, you may download it via the link below. Use of this template is optional.

Please also bring your presentation on a USB thumb drive to your workshop.

Presentation Tips

The conference consists of 3 days of workshops, so time management is critical to keeping things on track. Work closely with the Alliance staff member coordinating your workshop and your co-presenters to establish and agree upon presentation lengths and formats.

A solid benchmark for most presenters is one slide for every three minutes of presentation. The best thing to do is to time yourself in advance! Alliance staff have curated the following guide to help ensure your presentation is engaging and successful.

Moderator Tips

Moderators are key to ensuring a session’s success! They help guide the discussion within the allotted time, making sure both panelists and audience members stay focused and engaged. Without strong moderation, sessions may run over the allotted time, speakers may be forced to abridge their presentations, and Q&A can veer off course or be dominated by a small number of participants. Strong moderation helps ensure that all speakers and audience members can fully and equitably participate.

Transformation Talks

Modeled on TED Talks, Transformation Talks are intended to engage conference participants on a single idea or new development. These are a great opportunity to share your work with an attentive crowd!

Focus on one specific topic or transformative idea, presented from your point of view. Visual aids (e.g., PowerPoint presentations) are strongly encouraged. Talks are scheduled back-to-back with enough time for you to setup your presentation before you begin.

These presentations are only 10 minutes long, so it is imperative that you time your talk in advance. Talks do not leave time for Q&A. The Alliance encourages you to use the conference mobile app to connect with conference attendees for further discussion. Review the presentation tips provided above to captivate your audience!

Whova App

The Alliance is using the Whova mobile app for this event. You can review this guide on all the features for speakers. This includes live polling, Q&A (if requested), and direct messaging with attendees!