Emergency Shelter Learning Series

April 25, 2022  |  Videos, Data and Graphics, Toolkits and Training Materials

Emergency shelters play a critical role in ending homelessness. Effective shelters should embrace a Housing First approach, offer immediate and low-barrier access to anyone facing a housing crisis, and measure shelter performance in order to improve results. The Emergency Shelter Learning Series is a collection of webinars and resources from the Alliance focused on explaining the philosophy and practice of effective emergency shelter.

The Basics: Introduction to Low-Barrier Emergency Shelter

These short videos will teach you the basics of making the transition to low-barrier, housing-focused shelter. They feature animated explainers and interviews with staff running low-barrier shelters. | Video 3 minutes each

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Webinars and Resources

The Role of Emergency Shelter in the Crisis Response System

This webinar discusses the role of emergency shelters in a crisis response system and explores what the data and research tell us about emergency shelter and why people may choose not to access it. | Webinar 55 minutes

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The Keys to Effective Low Barrier Emergency Shelters

This webinar gives an overview of the Five Keys to Effective Emergency Shelter: using a Housing First approach, safe and appropriate diversion, immediate and low-barrier access to shelter, housing-focused services, and using data to measure performance. | Webinar 55 minutes

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How to Transition Your Emergency Shelter to a Low-Barrier and Housing-Focused Shelter Model

This webinar features leaders from three emergency shelters who have made the shift to low-barrier, housing-focused emergency shelter. Panelist address common questions and concerns regarding low barrier shelter. | Webinar 90 minutes

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The Five Keys to Effective Emergency Shelter 10 Steps to Evaluating Your Shelter Rules

Safely Serving Families and Survivors of Domestic Violence

This webinar focuses on shelters that serve families and survivors of domestic violence and discusses how to retool your shelter’s rules, expectations, and policies and procedures in a low-barrier environment that prioritizes safety for participants and staff. | Webinar 90 minutes

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Serving Single Adults in Congregate Settings

This webinar addresses rules and safety issues for low-barrier shelters that serve single adults. Participants will learn how to re-examine and shift rules to expectations that promote safety. | Webinar 90 minutes

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Frequently Asked Questions for Low-Barrier Shelter

This webinar answers the toughest and most frequently asked questions from people like you! The Alliance collected questions from the thousands of service providers who tuned into sessions 1–5 and put them to the experts. | Webinar 90 minutes

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Keys to Effective Emergency Shelter: Using Your Data to Evaluate and Improve Performance

This webinar focuses on using your data to create changes in your program design. Experts describe which metrics are most important and how to use them to evaluate whether your shelter is effective in its role in ending homelessness in your community. | Webinar 90 minutes

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HUD’s Equal Access Rule: What it Is, What’s Changed, and What You Need to Know

HUD’s Equal Access Rule, which was expanded in 2016, ensures that HUD’s housing and shelter programs are open to all eligible individuals and families regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity, or marital status. This webinar will help you to better understand the rule and teach you how to amend your shelter’s policies and procedures to be in compliance. | Webinar 90 minutes

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Low-Barrier Shelter: How to Become Pet Friendly

This webinar delves into the operations and practices of shelters that are accessible to people and their animals. Alliance staff and a shelter provider discuss how to shift philosophy and operations to welcome animal owners and a more vulnerable population into shelters. Panelists explore practical considerations and creative solutions for shelters to consider when making this shift. | Webinar 60 minutes

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The Role of Emergency Shelter in Diversion

This webinar explores the role emergency shelter plays within the homeless response system’s coordinated strategy to safely and appropriately divert households from shelter. It explains why problem-solving conversations don’t end at Coordinated Entry. | Webinar 90 minutes

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Getting Your Board on Board with Low-Barrier, Housing-Focused Shelter

Making the shift to Housing First, low-barrier, and housing-focused shelter practices can be both exciting and scary, especially for your Board of Directors. Shelter operators who made this shift share the following tips for educating your Board of Directors and keeping them committed to the shelter mission. | Webinar 60 minutes

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