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We have the drive to finish our mission of ending veteran homelessness

Earlier this week, the New York Times Editorial board released a response to the effort to end veteran homelessness in this country claiming that the results of the work to cut homelessness among veterans almost in half since 2010 reflects “shrunken ambition and mission failure.”We disagree. There is a difference between mission failure and a mission taking longer than originally anticipated. And the ambition is there to continue working until we meet that goal.

Medicaid Monday: How to get started

Happy Medicaid Monday! This is the second of five blog posts each focusing on Medicaid and what you need to know to maximize the benefits of this mainstream resource for people experiencing homelessness.

Medicaid Monday: What should you know?

Today we are introducing a new resource on Medicaid the Alliance put together in conjunction with TAC and CSH, titled “Using Medicaid to Pay for Services in PSH: Steps for CoC Leads to Get Started”. This resource outlines basic steps CoC leads can take to advance their efforts with securing Medicaid as a resource as part of the local system of services.