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Application for Youth Homelessness Demonstration Program now open

There was a lot of excitement earlier this year about the extra money included in the FY 2016 HUD appropriation “to demonstrate how a comprehensive approach to serving homeless youth… can dramatically reduce youth homelessness.” We’ve all been eagerly waiting to find out just what that $33 million (plus $5 million for technical assistance) was going to look like, and now we know! HUD released the Notice of Funding Announcement (NOFA) for the Youth Homelessness Demonstration Program (YHDP) yesterday.

Medicaid Monday: Data is key!

Why do I need to share data to make my case? Healthcare payers need to see how cost savings through supportive services will directly impact their budgets. They also want to see what impact the programs they will be working with will have before getting involved. To demonstrate these savings and outcomes you will need to share data showing how people are crossing over between emergency and health care systems, and what changes for people once they are in housing.

We have the drive to finish our mission of ending veteran homelessness

Earlier this week, the New York Times Editorial board released a response to the effort to end veteran homelessness in this country claiming that the results of the work to cut homelessness among veterans almost in half since 2010 reflects “shrunken ambition and mission failure.”We disagree. There is a difference between mission failure and a mission taking longer than originally anticipated. And the ambition is there to continue working until we meet that goal.

Medicaid Monday: How to get started

Happy Medicaid Monday! This is the second of five blog posts each focusing on Medicaid and what you need to know to maximize the benefits of this mainstream resource for people experiencing homelessness.