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How can we honor veterans?

Veterans Day is a time to honor the military service of the many men and women who served in our armed forces. While many return to civilian life with few challenges, some are not so lucky; On a single night […]

To Advance Rapid Re-Housing, We Need More Data

The Alliance has released the five key strategies for advancing rapid re-housing. Those strategies are: Build the Evidence, Adopt Standards of Excellence and Practice, Make Rapid Re-Housing Part of Your System, Expand the Role of Partners and Acquire New Resources. […]

Tell Congress: You’re paying attention

Yes, there’s an election. Please vote, and help homeless people you work with vote. But that’s not all. Your advocacy with Congress can have a big and concrete impact on how many homeless people can access housing. The incredible work […]

Five key strategies for advancing rapid re-housing

In our last blog from the Rapid Re-Housing Works campaign, we talked about the five key strategies for advancing rapid re-housing that were discussed at our recent Rapid Re-Housing Leadership Summit. But what are these strategies, and why do they matter? The […]