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Engaging Philanthropy in Ending Homelessness

written by Jen Saunders and Guest Blogger Jason D. Alexander, Principal, Capacity for Change, LLC What resources are available to communities to support rapid re-housing (RRH)? While there are a lot sources of funding available, communities are often unsure of […]

Where to Find New Funding for Rapid Re-Housing

The Alliance has released the five key strategies for advancing rapid re-housing. Those strategies are: Build the Evidence, Adopt Standards of Excellence and Practice, Make Rapid Re-Housing Part of Your System, Expand the Role of Partners and Acquire New Resources. […]

Combating Homelessness By Engaging Mainstream Systems

written by Guest blogger, Phil Ansell, Los Angeles County Homeless Initiative Mainstream government systems are fundamental to combating homelessness; yet, homeless service providers often struggle to effectively engage mainstream health, social services, and criminal justice systems. Mainstream systems are key […]